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I personally love my keyboards, they are a mix of both hardware and software to make something beautiful and functional.


I was originally inspired by the works of to create my own keyboard, liking the design of the Planc, I wanted to literally expand on the idea of an ortholinear keyboard, to include a number row and a couple extra keys sideways.

My design of a 14x5 row keyboard was a good challenge for me to begin with on making my first keyboard, I had based mine on a simple schematic I found and adapted for my own purposes.

Spending my time in Illustrator, I drew some plates to be laser cut and sandwiched together.

All the diode rows soldered in, keys had to be hot glued, the holes were a little big (mis-measured by a hair).
Columns soldered in, I used rainbow parallel wire for maximum color.
Seeing how my Teensy 3.2 would fit in, USB soldered in at this time, I figured out later I could add in a detachable without compromising vertical space.
Teensy fully installed, added neopixel circle, and added a detachable cable (also acts as a cable lug/stop)

Finished, and at the Melbourne Mechanical Keyboard Meetup (just in time!)

This project has had some revisions since the MMKB Meetup in terms of that it has had a PCB designed for it, I learned how to use KiCad in a matter of days, but I’ve seen a similar board for sale elsewhere and didn’t see an advantage to continuing this design.
This has been a wonderful learning experience for myself in terms of product design and research.