Jacbey’s Midi Controller

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After seeing my Altoids MIDI box, my mate Jacbey just couldn’t resist asking what I could make.

After consulting with him, we came to a conclusion of what he needed..

12 Rotary encoders with momentary switches, and a linear slider, both of what I’ve used, but not in that amount.

With 12 rotatory encoders, comes 1 big issue.. I/O.

As each encoder + switch is 5 pins, 2 common, 1 for the button, 2 for the encoder a/b. (so 3 pins going to the Teensy)

the Teensy would of needed 37 pins, which only comes on a Teensy++, and would require a little too much I/O processing for my tastes.

What might suite better is a small network of I2C Devices.p

ATTINY24 to the rescue!

Each one running as a slave I2C, running 3 Rotary encoders and 3 momentary switches each and reporting back to the Teensy LC.

I2C is truly the USB of micro controllers.

More as parts get posted..